Where I am From Poem

Based on Poem George Ella Lyon Poem link:






I am from Guatemala, the land of eternal spring

From  more  a small country with more than 365 different types of bears and

from the Swiss Alps

I am from the heart of the Mayan civilization, Tikal

impressive pyramids, remarkable beauty ,

surrounded by sound of Toucans and smell of trees

I am from La Ceiba tree

firm,powerful and tall

I’m from  fireworks on the Christmas eve

family gathering on the Christmas day all of us  are happy  

From  Abuelo Byron  and  Abuelita Gloria

I’m from the exploring and travelling all over the world learning new languages

From Should be proud to be Chapin (from Guatemala)

I’m from a catholic baptism,but not really practising any religion

I’m from Guatemala the place of Tamales and family

From My Great grandfather  from  Island of Symi in Greece, to Belgium to look for a better life

From My Grandmother Frances, born in the UK during the second world war lived in Italy, Belgium and now in Switzerland

From photo albums in the bookshelf, hiding my identity


Image result for guatemala symbol






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