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Writing form a different perspective chapter – 15

My dad just had just left I did not know where he was going. It made me even more suspicious because he took the care which was really strange because he only uses the car to go to work in different parts of Alabama. He always went walking to work and did everything by walking because is why I was son uncomfortable.  As I was putting my pants to go follow Atticus Scout came into my room she asked “Where are you going Jem” I said i was going to go downtown.

Some time had passed and we saw Atticus at the jail Scout and Dill where with me. Everything was going ok when I heard the sound of 3 loud engines. They started getting closer. I saw pull up at the jail were Atticus was I was really worried for him and I did not know what to do.  The men all got out of the car and all of a sudden Atticus stoped reading his book. I wondered if Tom Robinson was there and if that was the reason these men had come. I felt worried that this men were going to do something to Atticus but I decided not to step in because Atticus would be angry at me after the whole event. I decided no to step in but I was worried for Atticus my palms were sweaty.


Scout,Dill and I were hiding and closely watching what was going on in the jail. Scout did not feel safe for Atticus. She decided to run to him I did not know what was going through her mind. I don’t think that she realized how dangerous the situation was. We tried to stop her but she had a lead on us and she ran straight to Atticus. Dill and I immediately ran after her we found her with Atticus and the rest of the men. This made me feel even more worried.  Atticus looked at us and told us to leave because something was about to happen. I did not wan to listen to my dad because I was going to be worried for him when I leave because I would have no clue what those men were going to do to Atticus. Atticus told me several times to leave I started crying I was desperate not to leave my father alone with those drunk men. I did not know what there intentions were.


Something bad was going to happen until Scout decided to step him. Scout started talking to Walter Cunningham because she recognized him . She started talking about all weird stuff about things that happened some time ago like she mentioned when she beat up her son at school and how she remembered when we had his son over for dinner. Scout did just enough to spook Walter Cunningham and him and his gang were gone. Atticus was relieved because he thought that something really bad was going to happen and that we would be in a dangerous situation.  Atticus was the opposite of angry at us and me he was just relieved he got out of that trouble. All of this time Atticus was taking care of Tom Robinson who was in the jail worried sick. Thanks to scout we got out of that awful mess we were in and she did it just by talking to Walter Cunningham.


Biloxi School Mockingbird


In the Biloxi school district which is located in Mississippi the book To Kill a Mockingbird,The book which is part of America’s great known literature and famous author Harper Lee has been banned due to inappropriate reasons. There were many complaints from parents when they heard that the book got banned. The school board voted against the book to get banned but it still got banned . Some of the reasons why it got banned because it said some students felt uncomfortable reading and saying the N which is a racist term.


What still amazes me is that the majority of the school board voted against the banning of the book but for some the reason the book still got banned . There a lot of complaints. I if I had to deal with the situation I would have public vote on the students to see how they feel about reading the book and I would also ask the parents if they are ok for the children to read these types of books. I would definitely do that because I would know that parents are going to complain so this vote would decide to keep the book. I would also do that because I know if I would ban the book I would get a lot of question so my evidence would be that the parents were not okay with their children reading the book.


The school said that they could teach the kids other ways to learn than to use the book which has some strong content and language. Members on the board said that they did not vote to ban the book they said it was a decision taken by the administrative board. They also said they could teach the lesson than with different books. They also said that the school got a lot of complaints . The school said that the book is still in the library but it has been ruled out of the 8 eighth grade curriculum. The reader said that it is one of the most disturbing examples he has ever heard.


Some of the students got really offended when they had to read some racist part of the book and that is one of the main reasons why the school decided to ban the book. Parents complained to the school for banning the book. The school said they had other resources to teach students than using the book. The school does not want them to read the book because it had to do with rape,racism and things like that.


In conclusion I think that the school did not do a very good job on advertising the public on the banning of the book because they were a lot of complaints and I feel that people should get the chance to vote on whether they want to keep the book or not and students should be able to take this vote because students should be able to feel comfortable in reading a book or not because they are  reading it.

Words on Wednesday – Renovate

About 5 years ago we wanted to move to a bigger house in Rome because we were

looking for a bigger flat. We wanted to get a bigger house because we were looking

for more space. It took some time for my parents to find a new house but we finally

found one. The flat we got had three bedrooms . My parents renovated the house a

lot. They changed were the bedrooms were, they almost change the whole style of

the house. While we were renovating the flat I saw everything and they were

starting to renovate the house. They were bricks on the floor and there was cement

everywhere. After we moved in there was a big problem


There was a serious problem with our bathroom it always got blocked which meant

whenever someone tried going to the bathroom you could not flush the toilet.

This was a big problem we spend a lot of time renovating this bathroom.

After the flat was done we could only live there for a little bit of time

because we had to move to Zimbabwe

Coming of age

My First Day at the MET


Walking into the MET,

Struck me with fear.

I had no clue what

To expect.


I had to meet,

All of my new classmates.

The most difficult part for me,

Was fitting in.

Fitting in to the MET was the

Toughest challenge in

Middle school.

The second semester of

Middles school was all about

Making new friends.


In my old school ,

I did not need to

Make new friends,

Because I already had a

Lot of friends.


Coming of age for me

Was also about adapting.

I had to adapt to a whole bunch of new

classmates.I did not like my class

A lot at first, but then I started

Realizing that was going to be my



Coming of age for me,

Is revolving around a big

Topic which is fitting in.

Fitting in for me is

Still a big part of coming

Of age, especially in my old


Memoir Monday

Memoir Monday

This is a very important memory to me my best friend and two other friends. This is an important because it is probably the most dangerous experience that has ever happen in my life.It all started off in the morning, we were on explore Zim. For explore Zim we went to Hwange National Park. We slept in small huts and I had to share one with my best friend.We woke up in small concrete with small mattress. The mosquito net almost broke so i could of been potentially been diagnosed with malaria.We woke at 5 am we go up and we went to join everyone to eat breakfast. After breakfast we split up the group in half one went snare hunting and the other went on a game walk. I was in the group that had to go on a game walk. The guide that was walking with us was carrying an ak-47 which is a type of machine gun. The game walk wen on for about 30 minutes I knew how dangerous it was but I did not worry about that. When the walk was almost done we saw some impalas, then out of nowhere this angry lioness comes out and roars really loudly. The lioness was about to charge at us our guide quickly loaded his gun and that did enough to scare the lion away. I felt lucky to be alive. The experience never would of been the same if I did not have my friends with me.


Picture of the actual lion

Where I am From Poem

Based on Poem George Ella Lyon Poem link:




I am from Guatemala, the land of eternal spring

From  more  a small country with more than 365 different types of bears and

from the Swiss Alps

I am from the heart of the Mayan civilization, Tikal

impressive pyramids, remarkable beauty ,

surrounded by sound of Toucans and smell of trees

I am from La Ceiba tree

firm,powerful and tall

I’m from  fireworks on the Christmas eve

family gathering on the Christmas day all of us  are happy  

From  Abuelo Byron  and  Abuelita Gloria

I’m from the exploring and travelling all over the world learning new languages

From Should be proud to be Chapin (from Guatemala)

I’m from a catholic baptism,but not really practising any religion

I’m from Guatemala the place of Tamales and family

From My Great grandfather  from  Island of Symi in Greece, to Belgium to look for a better life

From My Grandmother Frances, born in the UK during the second world war lived in Italy, Belgium and now in Switzerland

From photo albums in the bookshelf, hiding my identity


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