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Words on Wednesday – Renovated


Words on Wednesday – Renovate

About 5 years ago we wanted to move to a bigger house in Rome because we were

looking for a bigger flat. We wanted to get a bigger house because we were looking

for more space. It took some time for my parents to find a new house but we finally

found one. The flat we got had three bedrooms . My parents renovated the house a

lot. They changed were the bedrooms were, they almost change the whole style of

the house. While we were renovating the flat I saw everything and they were

starting to renovate the house. They were bricks on the floor and there was cement

everywhere. After we moved in there was a big problem


There was a serious problem with our bathroom it always got blocked which meant

whenever someone tried going to the bathroom you could not flush the toilet.

This was a big problem we spend a lot of time renovating this bathroom.

After the flat was done we could only live there for a little bit of time

because we had to move to Zimbabwe

Coming of age

My First Day at the MET


Walking into the MET,

Struck me with fear.

I had no clue what

To expect.


I had to meet,

All of my new classmates.

The most difficult part for me,

Was fitting in.

Fitting in to the MET was the

Toughest challenge in

Middle school.

The second semester of

Middles school was all about

Making new friends.


In my old school ,

I did not need to

Make new friends,

Because I already had a

Lot of friends.


Coming of age for me

Was also about adapting.

I had to adapt to a whole bunch of new

classmates.I did not like my class

A lot at first, but then I started

Realizing that was going to be my



Coming of age for me,

Is revolving around a big

Topic which is fitting in.

Fitting in for me is

Still a big part of coming

Of age, especially in my old


Memoir Monday

Memoir Monday

This is a very important memory to me my best friend and two other friends. This is an important because it is probably the most dangerous experience that has ever happen in my life.It all started off in the morning, we were on explore Zim. For explore Zim we went to Hwange National Park. We slept in small huts and I had to share one with my best friend.We woke up in small concrete with small mattress. The mosquito net almost broke so i could of been potentially been diagnosed with malaria.We woke at 5 am we go up and we went to join everyone to eat breakfast. After breakfast we split up the group in half one went snare hunting and the other went on a game walk. I was in the group that had to go on a game walk. The guide that was walking with us was carrying an ak-47 which is a type of machine gun. The game walk wen on for about 30 minutes I knew how dangerous it was but I did not worry about that. When the walk was almost done we saw some impalas, then out of nowhere this angry lioness comes out and roars really loudly. The lioness was about to charge at us our guide quickly loaded his gun and that did enough to scare the lion away. I felt lucky to be alive. The experience never would of been the same if I did not have my friends with me.


Picture of the actual lion

Where I am From Poem

Based on Poem George Ella Lyon Poem link:




I am from Guatemala, the land of eternal spring

From  more  a small country with more than 365 different types of bears and

from the Swiss Alps

I am from the heart of the Mayan civilization, Tikal

impressive pyramids, remarkable beauty ,

surrounded by sound of Toucans and smell of trees

I am from La Ceiba tree

firm,powerful and tall

I’m from  fireworks on the Christmas eve

family gathering on the Christmas day all of us  are happy  

From  Abuelo Byron  and  Abuelita Gloria

I’m from the exploring and travelling all over the world learning new languages

From Should be proud to be Chapin (from Guatemala)

I’m from a catholic baptism,but not really practising any religion

I’m from Guatemala the place of Tamales and family

From My Great grandfather  from  Island of Symi in Greece, to Belgium to look for a better life

From My Grandmother Frances, born in the UK during the second world war lived in Italy, Belgium and now in Switzerland

From photo albums in the bookshelf, hiding my identity


Image result for guatemala symbol





Letter to Cathy

Dear Cathy,


I did not like  the things you said to me earlier. In the neighborhood.  I found it very

offensive the way you express about the area where we live and the people who live here and are my friends.Your comments were not very pleasant to hear. You did not introduce me to anyone in the downloadneighborhood.  When you told me that mango street was bad and that the people were not


not nice that was not nice  to hear from you. The things you said about mango street and how it


is getting bad  I did not like to hear that from you because I have just moved to mango street and I thought it


Was  going to be a pleasant neighborhood.  I did not like the thing you said about the


neighborhood getting bad and that you want to move out. Imagine someone who just moved


In into the neighborhood that’s not something really nice to say because that does not make me


feel that I should stay on mango street.


What also bothered me what also bothered me is that


you said that the people in mango street where no nice and that does not make me feel like


staying in mango street because I want to have friends. And now that you want to move from


mango street because you said that the neighborhood was getting bad did not make me feel


that well and made me think about moving from my old house to mango street.I was filled with


joy but then when I heard the comments about what you said made regret my decision.


what also bothered me is that you think you are above everyone in the neighborhood.


when you told me that you were related to the great queen of France did not make


me feel well. You said you could be my friend only until next tuesday. That is not


showing true friendship.


What also really bothered me was how you described girls raggedy as


rats.Those girls are my friends and they are loyal friends. This comment bothered my feelings


more than anything.


You said the neighborhood is getting bad because of the latinos .


that comment was really offensive because I am a Latino but that does not mean we are all


bad people. Those were some of the comments that really offended me.


Best Regards,